Sunday, August 19, 2012

Thieves targeting tyres and other car parts

DIFFERENT kind of theft is taking place now and it does not involve the whole car, just the tyres and other parts.
The thieves are targeting car tyres, bumpers and insignias instead of the whole car because most are equipped with vehicle tracking devices, alarms and automatic fuel cut-off with Geo Fence Global Positioning System.
Selangor MCA Public Complaints Bureau deputy head Kelvin Chong said there was an increase in theft of tyres in Petaling Jaya and that the incidents usually occurred in the wee hours of the morning.
“The latest incidents were at Jalan 21/20 and Jalan 21/27. The two victims had parked their cars outside the main gates of their houses and were shocked to see the tyres and rims missing in the morning, at about 6am. The cars were being held up with bricks,” he said.
Chong said wheels with expensive rims were targeted by the thieves

Modus operandi: Chong showing how a pneumatic torque wrench is used to remove the nuts holding the wheel.

“These cost more than RM1,300 each and easy to remove. Within 90 seconds, thieves can remove two wheels with a cordless pneumatic torque wrench,” he added.
He said in most cases the thefts occurred between 3am to 5.30am and that some cases go unreported.

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