Sunday, April 1, 2012

Ananda Krishnan's son..

ANANDA KRISHNAN'S SON ......BECOMING A MONK.....abandoning an Empire of billions of Ringgit !!                                                   
        This man more or less part company from all the riches many of us 
        could wish or dream for. Can anyone find me another person in other
        parts of the world and of different faiths who decided to do what 
        he has done in the face of all the wealth that could be his?       
        Take a moment to view this video of a simple talk delivered by   
        Ajahn Siripanno, the only son of Malaysia’s second richest man   
        who is Ananda Krishan, who is second generation Sri Lankan Tamil. 
        His mother is Thai. The then youngster refused opportunity to work
        with his father to expand his father’s empire (personal fortune   
        more than USD 8 billion) and instead walked the path of the Thai 
        forest meditation tradition about 13 years ago. His               
        ancestral home, which is preserved till today in Jalan Berhala as 
        a family heritage, is just across the road from the Buddhist Maha 
        Vihara Brickfields, besides the Klang river bank. He wanted to   
        test the monk life for two weeks, wanted to leave on the first day
        he arrived at the Monastery, still continues to live happily     
        within the Dhamma.                                               
        First time I see him, and hear him preach... he is really calm, and
        speaks really well...........                                    

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