Thursday, March 8, 2012

Koenigsegg reveals carbon fiber wheel

Ever heard of a carbon fibre wheel before? If not, here's news for you. 

Koenigsegg has just announced the world’s first hollow, one-piece, super light carbon fiber wheel, using a proprietary method it developed called Aircore™ Technology.
The Aircore™ wheels save close to 20kg in unsprung mass, while providing high integrity and safety. The only metal part in the wheel is the tire valve – the rest is all one-piece hollow carbon.

The wheels will be standard on the 2013 Agera R.

Both  the Agera and the Agera R feature a few other innovatons.

They have the first production engines in the world to use nano-surfaced cylinder sleeves,  from ANS,  for reduced friction and fuel consumption.

New in-house developed engine management system provides added functionality whilst still meeting all OBD II regulations. Koenigsegg Electronic Stability is standard on all models.

The rev limiter has been raised from 7250rpm to 7500rpm, raising power from 940hp to 960hp on 98 Ron (93 DIN) fuel for the Agera and from 1115 to 1140hp for the Agera R on E85.

The new Agera R will sport  Koenigsegg's unique Triplex suspension supplied by Ohlins Racing.

A new, lighter rear exhaust section has been developed for the Agera R, which also improves the performance of the rear diffuser.

                                                                    The 2013 Agera R.

In addition,new front/side winglets for the Agera R provide 20kg more downforce at 250kph, as well as reduced drag.

Customisation is the name of the game for such supercars.

In Koenigsegg's case, it has a  new configurator that lets a customer choose any shade or colour combination for the interior and exterior.

When the configuration is complete, the customer can then print a PDF brochure of the specific car, with colour codes for both the exterior and interior.

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