Thursday, March 8, 2012

The All New Volvo V40 has Airbags for Pedestrians As Well

What is the most important feature in a car to you? The power? Design? Fancy technology on board? Well, how about considering safety values for a change? Volvo recently introduced a new Volvo V40, the most IntelliSafe Volvo model ever made. Volvo has always been known to create one of the safest cars around and now, apart from protecting the driver and passengers inside, the company wants to protect pedestrians as well.
Of course, there already are technologies to prevent the driver from hitting a pedestrian like a Lane Keeping Aid to keep the driver on course, Enhanced Blind Spot Information System, Cross Traffic Alert to track pedestrians behind your car, and Road Sign Information that acts an extra “eye” for the traffic environment, but if all else fails, there’s now an additional airbag called the Pedestrian Airbag Technology – a world’s first.
The new V40 has a Pedestrian Detection system with full auto brake technology – it detects if a pedestrian steps out into the road and if the driver does not respond on time, the car will issue a warning before activating the brakes automatically. But that alone isn’t enough, not for Volvo at least. In order to protect pedestrians to the fullest, the Pedestrian Airbag will be activated once there are physical contact between the car and the pedestrian.
Sensors in the front bumper register the physical contact between the car and the pedestrian. The rear end of the bonnet is released and at the same time elevated by the deploying airbag.
The inflated airbag covers the area under the raised bonnet plus approximately one third of the windscreen area and the lower part of the A-pillar.
The raised bonnet and airbag will help reduce the severity of pedestrian injuries.
There’s a whole list of safety-related features on the new vehicle so visit Volvo for more information. Do you think a pedestrian airbag is completely necessary?

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