Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Rearview mirror back-up cameras safest, says report

DETROIT: Drivers looking to add a reverse camera to their vehicles should add it to the rearview mirror, according to a new study released this week.

The study, conducted by automotive equipment manufacturer Gentex, suggested that reaction times of drivers using mirror-mounted camera displays was twice as fast as those using dash-mounted displays, which are common in new vehicles.

Reverse cameras show a bumper-level view of the space behind the vehicle to warn drivers of obstructions and are proving ever more popular in cars, with the US government considering making them compulsory for new vehicles later this year.

Although automakers and consumers are at liberty to place the displays where they wish, Gentex's research makes a compelling case for camera displays integrated with mirrors, even though the screen size is smaller.

Tracking eye movements, the team determined that drivers using a mirror display "spent more time utilizing the display, had a higher percentage of productive glances to the display and mirrors, and reacted twice as fast in potential accident situations compared with those driving vehicles equipped with displays in the other locations."

That's despite the fact that the mirror-mounted screen was just 3.3 inches, compared to the large 8-inch dash-mounted display.

In the future, the firm said that mirror displays may also be used to provide notifications for driver assist systems such as lane departure warning, forward collision warning and sign recognition. - Relaxnews
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