Friday, August 19, 2011


This is love-hate relationship in between both the insurers and the workshops, or was it the people running the show have this love-hate thing? In the old days, the proprietors of the workshops and the insurance claims handlers were buddies – hand-in-hand to night clubbing, liquor, women, dancing in the dark… you name it! I am sure you ever read the newspaper then some personnel was involved claims staging and so on and so forth. Of course along the way, you get those buggers bashing one anothers up… kow, kow! ..that’s when relationship turns bad, you also get alot of poison letters flying around and not knowing who wrote them. Then in the 80s, I heard of Mr. 15%, Mr. 10% and so on…. including macai(s) going around carrying the insurer’s cheque and exchanging them for some doles…. Unfortunately, you get alot of macais also adjusters. Perhaps that what form the past. Today things have sort of changed, gone were the days of the cowboys, macais and taikohs…. many of the workshop proprietors are now graduate and some even have Phds.. my God, they are a different breed now. So they go about setting up Workshop Associations around the country and link themselves up in order to strengthen their position – in order that they will not be blown up by the competition and the FORCES of mistrust between parties! Alas, the insurers’ association does not recognise them officially.
It is something from the past, just refuse to go away – perhaps if we start to change the people holding position of authority for both sides, then things may be better. They do not said this for nothing… “Habits and culture takes a long time to get here, certainly this would not go away that easily! Trust me, this kind of things will always be there until the senior handling personnel from both sides relinquish their position. We need more modernisation on both sides of the fence… Ha ha whats next?

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