Friday, June 10, 2011

Watermelons from Cameron Highlands

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Hi Everyone,
Greetings. Please take note of this forwarded message for good health. We do not know which batch is from Cameron Highlands and whether other farmers also use such stuff while growing the fruit.

Watermelon and Furadan

Dear all,

Many like to serve fruit as dessert after meals - easy cut and lots of fluids -caution - discovery - planters in camerons don't eat them - they only sell them. Why ?

Dear Friends,

I have now received confirmation from a good friend who leases land to farmers to plant watermelons and these farmers out of courtesy told my good friend not to eat watermelons because of excessive poisons in the fruit. So, take care.

We all love watermelons right? It is a must as dessert at weddings and birthdays, or at the 5-star hotel buffets. But do you realize that WATERMELON IS DANGEROUS?

This is because the watermelon planters put Furadan, a powerful insecticide (a poison), into the soil before planting the watermelon to kill and keep away insects, especially ants.

Experts confirm that Furadan is active for one whole year(12 months), and is most powerful and effective during the first 90 days.

The problem is this: The watermelons mature and are picked after 55days, when Furadan is still powerful, and a lot of it is INSIDE THE WATERMELONS!

Meaning the watermelon is filled with poison! Furadan especially DAMAGES THE KIDNEYS the organs which have to filter pollution from the blood!

From now on I will stick to the bananas and papayas, for the sake of my poor kidneys.

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