Saturday, June 11, 2011

How to Remove Wax from Instant Noodles (Health)

Instant noodles provides a fast and easy snack if you are either lazy or rushing to go somewhere when the time to cook a proper meal is limited. Unfortunately not many of us know that all instant noodles are coated with wax so the noodle will stick to one another and look bright prior to packaging. Consuming the wax regularly from the noodles can cause cancer in the long run. Therefore it is important to remove the wax from the noodles prior to consumption.

The most harmful is if you eat the noodles in the soup format when the wax is coated with the noodles. It is considered safer if you consume the noodles in the dried noodle format as the wax are left behind the boiling water before you mix the noodles with the ingredients. Consuming the wax will take at least 72 hours for the noodles to digest in your stomach.

Below is the proper way to cook instant noodles in the soup format:

1. The newly opened noodle packet are boiled in a pot filled with water
2. Take out the cooked noodles and dump the boiling water mixed with wax (yellowish)
3. Wash the pot and fill in with new water
4. Put the pot back on stove and wait for it to boil again
6. When water is boiling hot put the cooked noodles in and turn off the gas.
7. Put the ingredients in and mix the soup well
8. It is now ready for consumption

If you wish to put extra ingredients such as vegetable, egg, meat, etc you can put them in on Step 6, wait them to cook first before turn off the gas and put the cooked noodles in. If you only read this article for the first time please apply it with immediate effect with all your favourite instant noodles that you wish to consume. And don’t forget most instant noodles are added with MSG in its ingredients so it is better not to consume them too often. Instead go for the freshly local made noodles that are available from the market which are healthier and cheaper.

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