Wednesday, June 8, 2011

And now for a 9-speed auto ...

DUSSELDORF: A nine-speed automatic gearbox is coming and it can be adapted for use in hybrids and all-wheel drive cars as well as in stop-start applications.

ZF Friedrichshafen AG presented the world's first nine-speeder at the International VDI Conference “Transmissions in Vehicles 2011" earlier this week at the German town of Friedrichshafen, 587km south-east of here.

With its two model ranges, the ZF transmission covers a torque range between 280Nm and 480Nm.Thanks to its construction kit principle, the basic 9HP transmission can be supplemented in line with special requirements.

The gearbox is more fuel efficient than a six-speed automatic transmission, offering savings of up to 16% in front-transverse installations.

The new transmission owes this fuel efficiency to its high total spread of 9.84.

Very small gear steps can also be realised, resulting in better driving comfort and ensuring the engine always runs in the consumption-optimal speed range.

In the ninth speed, there are only 1,900rpm at 120kph instead of 2,600rpm in case of transmissions featuring six speeds.
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