Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy Wesak Day

Today, Tuesday May 17, is Wesak Day. The thrice blessed day when the Buddha was born, gained enlightenment and finally passed into Nibbana. 

The Buddha is dead and gone. We don't depend on him as a person to gain protection and to experience inner peace and contentment. It is his teachings that hold supreme. The Buddha advised us to practise his teachings, the Dhamma; and the Dhamma will protect us and give us peace and contentment. The main theme of the Dhamma is to avoid harming others, help everyone, and to purify the mind so that we can reduce our greed, hatred and delusion in life. We pay homage and reverence to the Buddha for showing us the Path to liberation from all the unsatisfactoriness of existence.

May this auspicious day bring you inner peace, contentment, and most important of all, good health.

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