Friday, April 22, 2011

Christ Did Not Die For Us In Vain

We call this day good but how can we? Yes, I know why we call it Good Friday, but when we call it good we ignore His suffering and His death. In our greed, selfishness, and ego we call this day good. Yet Christ died on this day not to preserve our greed, selfishness, and ego, but to save the best part of us. Christ died to save the container within us that holds His love, His grace, His mercy, and His passion. This is the day of the year that I wish would end quickly for it is a day of mourning and grief. Every minute of this day I am constantly thinking about His suffering. We call this day good only because of ourselves. We are to die with Him on this day. Yet, He has spared us from knowing fully about all that He suffered.

Are we going to go about this day as if it is like every other day? Are going to pretend that on this day darkness did not come over the world? Are we going to go about our daily routine and do our daily jobs and not remember. On this day of remembrance, mourning, and grief, are we not going to remember, mourn, and grieve? Sadly, for most people they will not remember, they will not mourn, and they will not grieve. In a few hours I will stand before homeless men who have no hope, no inspiration, no perspective, and who are totally lost in life. I will deliver a seminar to help them as I do each week. However, on this day of sadness I hope the Lord keeps me a little more subdued and a little more humble. For Christ died on this day of darkness and I am grieving a bit now. Yes, I know there is a Sunday. You know it too. However, when you truly love someone with all your heart, all your soul, and all your might and that person suffers then you suffer with them. And He suffered as no other person suffered. And I do love Him with as much of my heart, soul, and might that I have.

Maybe I should not take this all so personally. Maybe I should just occupy my mind with other things. Maybe I should be "objective", cold, heartless, and selfish about Christ death on the Cross. Then again, I do not have that kind of heart. He is my friend, my supporter, my source of new things to post here, he is my Savior. I cannot be objective, cold, heartless, and selfish for He has molded me and shaped me. He has given me a sensitive heart to pour out this kind of personal grief for the world to see and know about.

What must the Blessed Virgin Mary have felt on this day? Who could even begin to fathom the pain in her heart? What must the other Mary and John have felt on this day so long ago. None of us is capable of knowing or even speculating what was in their hearts as they watched our Savior die. What do we feel about Him? Do we die with Him? Do we take in His love and immerse ourselves in His mercy? What grips us about this day?

It is believed but not documented that Christ died about three o'clock in the afternoon. There had been an earthquake and the sun had gone dark. All day the Blessed Virgin, the other Mary, and John had been there. What devastation they must have experienced! What doubts must have filled the minds and hearts of Christ's apostles and followers! What darkness had fallen upon the world! We can look forward to Sunday. However, none of these people could look forward to anything. All they could do was weep. What devastation the power of Satan and evil had wrought! What devastation the power of Satan loves to bestow upon the world! Do we still weep or have we become hardened and uncaring?

The Lord's body would have been taken down from the Cross by this time of the day. It is the end of the workday for most people. It is time to go home, to relax, and to rest. It is time to put the day behind you. However, do you suppose the Lord wants you to put what happened to Him behind you? It has been a long day. This particular Friday is always the day of the year I dread the most. It is the day that never seems to come to an end if you spend it in remembrance, in grief, and in mourning. What do we do now? We keep remembering while the rest of the world either forgets or goes about pretending this day never happened.

Christ's Passion and Death will be meaningless if those who profess Jesus is Lord continue to support and be a part of Regime's around the World that drowns the Good News of The Lord with a perverted form of truth that runs contrary to the Will of God. Whether it is the Regime's in Latin America, Africa or even here in Malaysia, where strangely we find Christians continuing to be a part of or are supporters of the Evil Regime with it's subtle persecution of Christians and people of other faiths in this Malaysia.

Let it be the Christian duty for every Christian to stand up for Truth and Justice. Let's start by casting Evil Regime to the depths of Hell together with all it's lies, glamor and seduction.

Good Friday, also known as holy Friday, Long Friday, Sad Friday and great Friday in other parts of the world, commemorates the day Jesus Christ was crucified by the Romans. Christian dogma states Christ willingly died on the cross to save the world from sin.
Wishing All My Christian Brothers & Sisters On Earth a  Blessed Good Friday.

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