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Feng Shui for the insurance industry | Year of the Metal Rabbit 2011

When the peaceful Rabbit hops in on February the 3rd 2011, the world over is looking forward to a year of relative calm and serenity... or is this going to be otherwise; something worst off than the tiger year?
The "Gold" metal Tiger was fast and furious - we wrote in our previous posting about some tumultuous moments of 1950, and quite a number of those moments of 1950 repeated one way or the other in 2010, for example the Korean war threatened to re-ignite. WikiLeaks-expose... sort of repaints the days where espionage. political & ideology surveillance and conspiracy rules as they were in the good old United States of America! Not forgetting the many weather-related natural catastrophes around the world, and just before the Tiger signs off, numerous political upheavals on Arab homeland reared their ugly heads....
The Rabbit's Gentleness..... Rabbit is thought of as representing gentleness and thoughtfulness as well as perseverance and industrious - also believes to be a great year, especially where prosperity is concerned for those who are shrewd, creative and relentlessly hardworking & focused. And because of its gentleness and thoughtfulness there should be less strife throughout. Meaning there should be less wars, however the Rabbit may not be so kind as to letting us off with limited natural catastrophes - weather-related losses are expected to be intense....
We are not about to write another column on feng shui other than putting our thoughts on what's good, bad and areas where caution is needed when operating in the year of the Wood Rabbit in a Metal Year.
What we need to understand before we discuss further are the following directions to avoid:
  1. North - dictates P&C related losses
  2. South - where the underwriting of HEALTH Insurance is concerned
  3. East - Risks with their main entrance facing DIRECTLY to east should be avoided for this is where the strongest bad Chi flows by... expecting events involving fire and health-related losses.
The other aspects to watch out for (for good, bad or taking opportunity of situation) in as far as industry segments are concerned:
  1. Industry that is expected to be good for the insurance industry...
    • Property development - with improvement in underwriting terms and conditions this segment is expected to be good for those involving hotels, service apartments, office towers and shopping complexes
    • Information, Communication Technology (ICT) including telecommunication sector
    • Electrical goods - All Risks and Extended Warranty are expected to be pose good profits
    • Media - the digital form should be stressed with the rising usage of this channel of news delivery
    • Arts & Music
    • Printing
    • Apparel
    • Education
    • Food & Beverages
  2. Industry that is expected to be bad or it is not advisable for the industry to undertake....
    • Tourism characterised as metal will clash with the wood element - generally signified by natural disasters brought about by unexpected global weather, and fears of an epidemic and terrorism will also be among the factors. Generally, Malaysian are still taking the precautionary stance where an economic slowdown could cause people to put their travel plans on hold
    • Energy (downstream) sectors, including Power Plants
    • Infrastructural development involving a dominantly water-related (et) environment
    • Commercial Motor Vehicle in the logistic trades - loss ratios are expected to climb....
    • Riot, Strike & Malicious Damages - extension to basic coverage for hot areas or locations should be avoided....
  3. Industry where underwriting caution should be exercised....
    • Oil & Gas (O&G) - exploration and extraction - others relating to upstream activities
    • Chemical - especially where major components are highly flammable
    • Sectors involving people conflicts - the legal profession
    • Other sectors affected by a much more drier weather - rainfall for year of the Rabbit is expected to drop significantly...
      • Crop & Livestocks
      • Furniture and other timber-related risks
The above list is not exhaustive.... but generally in the year of Rabbit, a lower rainfall is expected, meaning we will get a more hotter and drier weather resulting in more fires. Sporadic heavy rainfall are also resulted in some massive landslip and subsidence, thus taking caution in this respect is important. Political risks may rear their ugly heads once again...
Cutting down on arguments is paramount important as people-conflicts do not bring forth any positive Chi to the industry, thus HUMANISING insurance practices is one way moving the industry forward.

Colour-wise.... expect more positive things from the use of ORANGE and YELLOW, for they are expected to possess filters capable of capturing the best of the positive Chi.
But what's being the most important of all is all about one's ability to be focused in any strategy or tactical maneuver undertaken,....RELENTLESSLY... Keyword is relentlessly focused.

For information the above represents a general viewpoint of what is or are to expect for the industry and should not be taken as a cure-all or even best practices of sort. Feng Shui is not just about balance and harmony, it is also about going with the flow of your own cosmic system. It is very difficult to maximize the use of Feng Shui methods without the understanding of the person and the cosmic energy that one possesses.
I hereby wish everyone a happy and healthy Year of the Rabbit!
(A bold fate Chen's article)

So the predictions above has happened ~ Japan Tsunami 311

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