Friday, January 14, 2011

Smart Packaging Knows When Your Food is Spoilt

Opening up a packet of meat that has gone bad and be greeted by a foul stench is never a good thing, meat is good, meat is a must to have, and having turned off by that stench and probably a worm or two staring back at you is as bad as it’s going to get. Here’s a food packaging all processed-meat companies should own, a smart one that knows if your ham has gone bad. It’s not always about the money, it’s about how disappointed you are when you reach home only to find out your dinner has officially been ruined.

Some Scottish scientists have recently been working on a new “intelligent plastic” that is able to change its color once the food is spoilt. Sure, you can read the labels on packagings that tells you the expiry date, but in our hot and humid atmosphere, they are not always that reliable. Plus, after getting stuck in all that traffic jam on the way home on a sunny day, the meat will probably be somewhat cooked by the sunlight. With the smart plastic, you can instantly tell if the food inside, be it sausages, cheese, veggies, fresh pasta, and basically anything that can be placed into a plastic bag.

Unfortunately, not news has been released regarding how the technology works. But it doesn’t matter, let’s all cheer to no longer having to sniff your food (especially milk) to see if it’s still edible or end up spending the night in the toilet because you were having a blocked nose.
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