Wednesday, December 8, 2010

sWaP Rebel - Smart Watch And Phone

With all the new gadgets out there like the Windows Phone 7, new BlackBerries, tablets and so many more, here’s something different and yet as cool as the others – the sWaP Rebel Smart Watch and Phone. Like its name say, these funky looking watches you see here actually doubles as a phone and besides being built with Bluetooth so you can use Bluetooth headset to receive and make calls, it is also jam-packed with technologies. If Bluetooth headset isn’t your thing or if you simply forgot to charge yours, the GSM phone watch comes with built-in microphone so you can share your conversation with everyone else around you.
Unfortunately though, although the 1.46” touchscreen comes with color, it’s only 176 x 132 pixels but I guess it’s forgivable for such a tiny screen though I was quite hoping for something like the iPod Nano watch. It even comes packaged with a stylus so if the screen is too tiny for your stubby fingers, you have nothing to worry about. The sWaP Rebel even comes with a built-in camera that is capable of taking videos too and although the display is too small for anything good, the data can easily be transferred via Bluetooth but of course, you’ll only get VGA resolution. It is capable of playing MP3, WAV, Midi, AAC music files and comes with a Micro SD card slot that supports up to 8GB.
The strap doubles as a USB data cable for you to transfer data and to charge the battery which can last up to 85 hours (standby time). Other features includes different ringtones, SMS/MMS, Radio, different profile settings and e-book reader though, I would hate to think of how anyone can read on such tiny screen. The price? Obviously expensive at £189, approximately RM950 and the bad news is, it’s not available in Malaysia, officially at least. Visit the product page for more information.

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