Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Japanese Police Motorbike Transforms to Tow Truck

In Japan, do not simply park your vehicles in restriction areas because your vehicles will be towed away in seconds if you are “lucky enough” to have traffic police nearby. The Japanese police don’t need to make call to get the tow truck to tow away your “illegal parking” vehicles because their motorbikes can transform to “tow truck” and tow away your vehicles immediately.

For a normal car, one “transformer police tow truck” can perform the task by itself. For heavy vehicles, two “transformers police tow trucks” can join together and tow away your vehicles.

Other than Japan, have you seen any “Transformer Police Motorbike” in any countries before? I believe only Japanese have such a “great” idea.
Wow! what is PDRM waiting for, ini mcam baru boleh lah, ka ka ka

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