Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Boxing Day 26/12/ 2010

The Boxing Day is celebrated as a public holiday or bank holiday in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Canada, United Kingdom and several countries in Commonwealth of Nations with Christian people. In South Africa this holiday is known as the Day of Goodwill.  

Boxing Day History

The Boxing Day originated in England in the midst of 19th century under the rule of Queen Victoria. It is celebrated with friends and family with food, love, friendship and fun. TheBoxing Day is supposed to be the tradition on that day for tradesman to gather their Christmas gifts or boxes in relapse for reliable and good service all through the year. The Boxing Day is also considered as St. Stephen's Day. St Stephen was a famous saint who got eternal fame through being the initial Christian to be martyred for his pledge through being stoned to bereavement shortly after the crucifixion of Christ.
The customary celebration of the Boxing Day included granting money and some additional gifts to benevolent institutions, deprived persons, and for those people who are in service job. And the holiday might date from middle ages (A.D. 400's--1500's), but the precise origin is unidentified. It might have started with ladies and lords of England, who offeredChristmas gifts to their workers on 26th December. Or it might have commenced with priests, who unlocked the church's charity box on the day after Christmas day and dispersed the content to the deprived.

Several people affirm that the custom stalks from the Roman times at what time money to spend for sports game was gathered in boxes. Surrounded by the ruins of Pompeii, boxes completed beyond stoneware with slits in top crammed with coins have been set up. Afterward Romans made a plan of gathered boxes to Britain, and clergy and monks used same boxes to save money for the pitiable at Christmas. After Christmas, priests used to unlock the boxes and share out the contents to deprive of rural community. As a result this day is called theBoxing Day.

Whereas small corporations and Govt buildings are blocked, the malls are full of people either purchasing reduce rateChristmas gifts, exchanging gifts, decorations and cards. Boxing Day, Christmas day or Christmas Eve is classed as Christmas season with the boxing day celebrating on the next Monday if 26th December falls on Saturday or Sunday.

Boxing Day Etymology

The name originates from the English custom giving recurring gift (in the appearance of "Christmas box") to take away rich people. In United Kingdom, it was extended to a variety of workpeople for instance postal workers, laborers, trades people and servants.

Happy Boxing Day To All Christian Friends All Over The World.

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