Sunday, November 28, 2010

Touts masquerading as do-gooders

Automobile Association president Bernard Tay got a shock when he was caught in a five-car collision last year on the Pan-Island Expressway.
The surprise came from seeing two men in long-sleeved shirts running across the expressway from the opposite side, jumping over the dividing barrier and coming up to him with an offer to help.
But he had the presence of mind to reject these touts, Mr Tay told reporters yesterday.
'In two minutes, I had two people coming around offering to take me to the airport, offering to tow my car to the workshop, offering to settle all my claims.
'I told them I would take care of these matters myself.'
He urged motorists to be calm in an accident, take pictures of the scene and write down what happened.
They should also use their own workshop, instead of taking up the offers of strangers, he said.
Call the insurer's 24-hour hotline, added Mr Derek Teo, president of the General Insurance Association of Singapore.
The motor insurance taskforce that Mr Tay co-chairs recommended in March that touting on the road be made a criminal offence.
The police have since replied that they can take action against offenders if investigations reveal that a criminal offence, such as cheating, has been committed.

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