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In June 1968 I sat for my driving test. I attended a driving course with 'Alai Driving School' for 20 hours and paid RM60.00. The test car I was using was a Morris Mini-Minor a cute little car with two doors and a long floor gear lever. As a learner we were not allowed to use any signal light but only hand-signals.
Tests were in two parts. One was traffic rules and regulations ; this was an oral test where we were given certain situation and explain how do we behave in that given situation. As an example, you are at a junction ;who should move first. What signal do you show before you reach the junction, etc.
Having set for the oral test we were tested practical driving namely side parking and reverse L-shape parking. Six flag poles were use to create the L-shape parking lot. If we hit any of the flag post we will be disqualified and need to sit for another test on a different date. If we were able to do the reverse parking then we will be able to be tested on the road driving. Here the tester will request you to overtake on double line or park along no parking areas..etc..just to find out whether you respect traffic rules or you just blindly follow the tester's instructions. If you follow blindly; you will be disqualified and need to resit for the overall test again on a later date. You are also tested on how to drive on steep slope and at times ask you to stop midway and see how you balance the accelerator and the clutch pedal.This was indeed a test of respecting the traffic rules and regulations and hold high respect to the traffic rules. It was not easy to pass the driving tests those days.

In 1968 we were taught to drive with a certain distance between our vehicle and the other vehicle in-front of us. Being a disciple of British regime; we were using miles instead of kilometers and the speedometers were calibrated in MPH.

Alai said if we are traveling at the speed of 30mph we must keep a distance of at least 30 feet with the front vehicle. If we are driving with a speed of 60mph; we must have 60 feet clear distance with the front vehicles.

For the past 42 years of driving all over the country I have never hit any body's back side!

So to Y. Bhg Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye and Tan Sri Dato Sri Syed Hamid Albar my proposal is to "KEEP YOUR DISTANCE" as a rule to avoid accident.


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