Monday, November 29, 2010

The Consequences of Stopping in the Yellow Box

Do you play football ? I don't but a good referee once told me, if all 22 players were to abide by the rules and regulations, the referee needs to blow his whistle only 3 times in a game.
Once to start the game, second time to indicate interval and thirdly to end the game.
Now, let’s be serious. What actually has referring a game to do with this topic of driving, you might ask.
What I am attempting to do is to co-relate the game of football with driving. You see, a driver who enters into a yellow box and stops in it is in reality committing an offence.
Who says so?
Well, the Road Transport Ordinance 1978 Section 119 (2). And it also carries a RM300 fine as well.
In driving, there is actually no necessity to have yellow lines or boxes at all. But the surprising thing is, we human beings are mostly indisciplined by nature, believe it or not.
Imagine the situation of a traffic light. It has 3 lights, Red, Yellow and Green. Drivers know what they mean. If no driver were to stop at the junction, this blocking or hindering our way, thus no yellow boxes are needed.
But because of the presence of the yellow boxes being there, it has become my duty to explain to some drivers the meaning of such boxes.
Yellow boxes are meant not to block the path or roads of the drivers. Eventually, the flow of traffic lights will thus become smooth.
Some may wish to ask, do traffic policeman really summon drivers who enter and stop in the yellow boxes?
Well, if you should be staying is smaller towns like Kuala Selangor, Kuala Kubu Bahru, Rawang or Temerloh, most probably the police in those areas might “close one eye” and let you off.
But in larger cities and towns itself in Malaysia, traffic wardens can be dead serious. Controlling the traffic jams, especially during peak hours in itself, is already a major headache.
You know, they say, they even have cameras to video you committing the offence of stopping inside yellow boxes. That’s in Kuala Lumpur only.
What about bigger cities like Singapore, Bangkok or Jakarta?
If or should you want to know the answer, it’s easy.
The next time you’re in a yellow box, try stopping and tell me the consequences.
Well, I am only joking. Don’t ever do it! RM300 is a lot of money. If you have too much of it, give me a call. Let’s adjourn to Kentucky Friend Chicken! Ka ka ka.

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