Sunday, November 28, 2010

Another jailed over motor insurance scam

Odd-job worker to serve four-month sentence for fraudulent claims
SINGAPORE - Another member from the group of 16 who were involved in a motor insurance scam has been jailed.

Yesterday, odd-job worker Tan Kok Seng, 36, was sentenced to four months' jail for making a false police report and cheating the insurance company.

On Feb 19, 2008, Tan was involved in a traffic accident with a taxi. After inspecting the damage to the vehicles, he called for a tow truck and sought medical treatment for the neck injury he had suffered.

He called Ong Ai Peng, a former tow truck driver, to help him with the insurance claims.

Ong told his wife and two daughters to claim to have been passengers in Tan's car during the accident. He also told Tan to lodge a police report saying that Ong and his family members were injured in the crash.

But India International Insurance did not believe the claims, which were worth $9,300. It suspected fraud after it received 20 claims from two motor vehicle accidents. The company then reported the matter to the Commercial Affairs Department.

Yesterday, Tan's lawyer said his client had been "in a state of confusion and panic" after the traffic accident and it was Ong who instigated him to make the false claims.

Ong and his family have also been charged, and their cases have been fixed for pre-trial conferences.

According to earlier media reports, at least three people in the group have been sent to jail.

Last month, housewife Lim Mui Fong, who had also conspired with Ong, was sentenced to two months' jail. She had made up a story about having been injured in a traffic accident to receive part of a payout.

Lim's son, Foo Tze Chiang, 41, and his former colleague, Lim Jit Meng, 47, have been also jailed.

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