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Insurance Report Malaysia

Independent 5-year insurance industry forecast for Malaysia.
Original insurance market research and insurance sector trend analysis for Malaysia’s insurance industry.
Competitive intelligence, regional insurance company rankings and SWOT analyses on international and domestic insurance companies in Malaysia.

The Malaysia Insurance Report has been researched at source and features latest available data for annual insurance premiums and claims; assets and investments; 5-year insurance industry forecasts for Malaysia through end-2012; insurance company rankings and competitive landscapes for local insurers and multinational insurance subsidiaries in Malaysia; and analysis of the latest insurance industry developments, trends and regulatory changes in Malaysia.

Malaysia Insurance Report provides professionals, consultancies, government departments, regulatory bodies and researchers with independent forecasts and regional competitive intelligence on the Malaysian insurance industry.

Key Benefits

Benchmark It’s Independent 5-Year Insurance Industry Forecast on Malaysia
to test other views - a key input for successful budgeting and planning in this strategic insurance market.
Target Business Opportunities & Risks in Malaysia's Insurance Sector
through our reviews of latest insurance industry trends, regulatory changes, and major deals, projects and investments in Malaysia.
Exploit The Latest Competitive Insurance Intelligence & Company SWOTS
on your competitors and peers in Malaysia through our insurance company rankings by assets, premiums, income, market share, investments and leading products and services.
Executive Summary

In Q307 we have incorporated actual data for 2006 in our insurance sector reports. In Q207 much of this data was not available, and we had to make estimates. In international comparison tables, we have also incorporated data from 30 new countries in addition to the 58 for which we had data in Q207. We are now therefore able to place each country into a truly global context.

Non-life premiums rose from MYR10,765mn (US$2,840mn) in 2005 to MYR10,999mn (US$2,997mn) in 2006. Non-life premiums therefore increased by 2% in ringgit terms and by 6% in US dollar terms. We anticipate that non-life premiums will grow by 9% annually in ringgit terms in 2006-2011. We expect that non-life premiums will grow by 13% annually in US dollar terms in 2006-2011. Life premiums rose from MYR16,979mn (US$4,480mn) in 2005 to MYR18,313mn (US$4,990mn) in 2006. Life premiums therefore increased by 8% in ringgit terms and by 11% in US dollar terms. We anticipate that life premiums will grow by 8% annually in ringgit terms in 2006-2011. We expect that life premiums will grow by 11% annually in US dollar terms.

In 2006 the two most important lines within the non-life segment were motor and property/fire. These two lines, respectively, accounted for 42% and 21% of non-life premiums. In 2006, remaining non-life premiums were spread fairly evenly across accident/health insurance, marine/aviation/transport and lines classified by the regulator, Persatuan Insurans Am Malaysia (PIAM), as being 'Other'. We have not, as yet, been able to find a detailed breakdown of Malaysia's life segment.

Malaysia is, among the 88 countries for which we have gathered data, in the second quartile in terms of absolute non-life premiums in 2006, and also second quartile in terms of absolute growth of non-life premiums last year. We would therefore categorise Malaysia as a medium-sized national market for non-life insurance and one where premiums are growing quickly. However, it appears that much of the growth is being accounted for by a booming economy: non-life penetration is emphatically not changing quickly.

Malaysia is in the second quartile in terms of absolute life premiums in 2006, and in the first quartile in terms of absolute growth of life premiums last year. We would therefore categorise Malaysia as a medium-to-large-sized national market for life insurance and one where premiums are growing quickly. Despite the slow growth of population in Malaysia, much of the growth is being driven by an increase in life density.

In 2006, non-life penetration in Malaysia fell by -7.3%, while life density rose by 9.4% in US dollar terms.


Malaysia Insurance Sector At A Glance

Key insights into the insurance market, covering industry trends, key players and the regulatory environment, plus snapshots of life and non-life premium values in local currency and US$.

Evolution of the Malaysian Insurance Market

Analysis of recent developments in the local insurance market, including data on life and non-life premium values, density and penetration, dating from 1998.

It 5-Year Industry Forecasts for Malaysia

Analysis of market growth drivers, including 5-year projections (to end-2011) for premium values. Forecasts section also includes It risk ratings on local economy, politics and business environment. Industry indicators covered include:
Number of life and non-life insurance companies; total and per capita Property/Casualty premiums and claims; total and per capita Life/Health premiums and claims; total premium income; total claims/expenses; total operating expenses; total assets and investments; industry density (per capita premiums) and penetration (premiums as a portion of GDP)

It 5-Year Macroeconomic Forecast for Malaysia

It forecasts for all headline macroeconomic indicators, including real GDP growth, inflation, fiscal balance, trade balance, current account and external debt.

Insurance Company Rankings in Malaysia

Comparative company analyses and rankings by premium income (life and non-life).

Insurance Industry Competitive Landscape in Asia

A cross-border overview of key players and their market share across the region. Tables and graphs show country presence of multinationals throughout the region.

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